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Friday, December 30, 2011

A Polish dinner

An Italian idiom states that if a meal is really good, the food makes you leak your mustaches. As this can be true either for men and for women, I have to admit yesterday's dinner was really that way.
No restaurants involved, just a dinner at my boyfriend and Mum's place.
As a starter the unfailing pickles then roast of veal with plums, smoked salami and bacon stripes rolled onto dried plums: excellent!
The main course was dedicated to żurek. It's a typical Polish soup I haven't had the change to try before; it's created with ryeflour and in ancient times obtained with stale bread and sour cream and bits of sausages. Really delicious and a totally new flavour for me.
Next course was gołąbki meaning pidgeons. Lucky me it's only a name, they're indeed cabbage rolls with minced meat covered by tomato sauce.
To end a nice herbata, tea in this case flavoured as cherry was the right conclusion to be chosen.

Smacznego! Bon apetit!

  • Żurek Sour soup with Polish sausage(kielbasa)and potatoes

  • Gołąbki Meatballs wrapped in cabbage in tomato sauce

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