La Belle Au Bois Gourmand: About me

About me

Valentina (26, Italian from Milan)

The whole story begins with: an Italian girl living in the North, with southern heritage whose surname is Sicilian though the parents come from Calabria. Home is located in the Lake area near Milan not so far from Switzerland. I studied in Germany, worked in The Netherlands and I now live in Turin.

I am a foodie. Simply adore eating and enjoying the taste of life. I feel a bit like Rémy, Ratatouille's main character from Pixar movin' picture. I have an unconceiled talent for pointing at bad food, just like that cute rat does.

Reason is simple. I guess I am a superstaster with tons of extra taste buds and, gotta admit, Mum is cooking really good.

My experimental blogs except the personal online diaries narrating the chronicles of my Erasmus student exchange where a terrible disaster. Not enough time to spread the news and the URL among the circle of friends and this or that blog was already closed - - -

In this blog, you'll find a lot of news and facts, recepies, tips: all involving my 3 passions food-fashion-travel.

Come aboard, enjoy. Sit back and relax!