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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Expat nostalgia

As a former expat in Germany and Netherlands, I do sometime miss some snacks I could have just there.
It has always been interesting first of all to find globally some snacks but with different names, changing according to the local perception of a naming.
Even more interesting was to discover new snacks or chewing gums I couldn’t have in Italy.
With my surprise, some became popular here too, sold in vending automatic machines, like the chocolate crunchy balls Maltesers
But some are so peculiar, it is not so common to find them here in Italy.Yesterday I stopped at my fave shop “La Deutsche Vita” where I could find Hanuta (sweet sandwich with solid Nutella) and Yogurette (chocolate bars with Yogurt filling and strawberries, a pleasure for 72 calories each)
I remember instead Chocomel times in the NL. I agree, just milk with chocolate powder. Though, it was nice to have it handy!
Bifi instead was and still is terribly German: a portable single-packed salami stick.
Thirsty? Then drink on it, with Mezzo Mix: produced by Coca-Cola HBC, it’s like Coke with orange juice. Amazing discovery: I need to thank my Mum brave enough to try it first while buying it and I felt in love.As per beers go ahed, laugh about it but I loved Beck’s Chilled Orange and Green lemon. I had them in Bremen of course, where Beck’s is produced by InBev brand.

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