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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Where to eat in Aachen

Kartoffel, Kartoffel… that is probably the first word a person knows when approaches German.
You imagine a land, not so vast, full of pork and potatoes.
Well, in Aachen I left my heart at Pomm'Pös the house of potatoes in the Nordrhein-Westphalia region where I could taste the best Flammkuchen ever. This dish is from Alsace a borderline area between France and Germany. Its name can also be tarte flambé even if I prefer the hardest Flammkuchen.
At Pomm Pos I experience the one with shrips, spinach and sour cream. Delicious!
If you come to Aachen you should also consider to pay a visit to Rose Am Dom, where you can be delighted by German food. For those who cannot believe it as a worthy culinary experience, just trust me or try it yourself.

Krämerstraße 7,

52062 Aachen, NRW- Germany

Rose am Dom, right behind Aachen’s main Cathedral
Fischmarkt 1
52062 Aachen, NRW- Germany

a typical Flammkuchen

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