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Thursday, March 8, 2012

समोसा Samosa

I still can remember my first time at an Indian restuarant, at the Bombay (Daniel-von-Büren-Straße 29, 28195 Bremen).

Once again it happened during my German year: I was there with one of my ex boyfriends celebrating my birthday. That is why I can still remember it was on 17th July 2007.

That day, my taste buds discovered something new, and hey guys I am not refering to a new snack nor to a new dish but the world literaly opened to different flavours that I never had the chance to experience before. What I liked most about the food served there was the tandoori chicken and the naan, that particular Indian bread.

What thickled my curiousity was for sure a baked appatizer pyramid-shaped.

That was my first samosa.

It is also common to fry them. Best way to describe them: a pastry with spices, onions, potatoes, peas, coriander, lentils (daal), chicken and sometimes lamb (I don't eat lamb though)

Try it yourself. There gotta have an indian street food shop or restaurant around the corner.

I would like to visit India once I grow up mature a little. At the moment I'm too afraid to face poor people on the street, living in bad condition and dirt all over. Let's be clear: I don't want to see the posh side of India, I am willling to see the real India and maybe the pink city of Jaipur. But now, I am not ready enough...

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