La Belle Au Bois Gourmand: S'more

Monday, February 27, 2012


Give me three words: marshmallow, chocolate and buiscuits.

There you go, with the help of a bonfire while camping or thanks to a modern microwave oven, you obtain a delicacy called s'more. Its name reminds one's chewing while saying the way too long sentence "(I would like to have) some more".
It is really popular during summertime, I personally had my first s'more on 4th of July with some American students durign my exchange studies in Germany, strange to say.What I like most about smore is not its taste rather the way to prepare it together with friends, be patient and careful while warming the marshmellows and ready to take it away from the fire before burning it, then squeezing it layiring it as in a sandwich made by Honey Graham's crackers' very similar to our Digestive buiscuits and "glue" it to a thick chocolate bar to be melted by the hot temperature. Wonderful.

That is why I wouldn't like to buy the Hershey's smore, it would all lead to a regular junkie food in a plastic bag.

Look at this nice math formula:

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