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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cremino Fiat

No, work still hasn’t driven me that crazy to confuse my blog all around food with automotive.
This picture portrays what was the Tipo 4, launched in 1911.
The same year, its manufacturer Fiat based in Turin and still important nowadays outside the Italian borders thanks to its merge with Chrylser LLC decided to start a challenge among chocolate producers to create what would have been the new Cremino Fiat.
Previously, the cremino was three-layers chocolate but the company Majani from the city of Bologna, invented a 4th layer.
The taste is unchanged and still remains unique. Its dark layer is Gianduja, a sweet chocolate containing hazelnut paste common in Piedmont, while the white layer is from almond paste.
Next trip to Italy, or to Turin precisely, do not miss to have a bit of Cremino Fiat.

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