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Monday, February 6, 2012

Restaurang Movitz

While wondering about Stockholm, I feel like recommending a spot right in the old city center where you can find affordable and tasty food in a romantic atmosphere.
My friends and me ordered a three-course-menu for 199 Swedish Crowns (at that time almost 19 €).
We chosed the fish proposals, as we wanted to try the Salmon as we were in Scandinavia –what a cliché!
Our expectations were fulfilled.
To tell the truth, I now see that the prices have risen: I think this is due to our European crisis or the normal growth of prices from time to time: I’ve been there in 2007.
To eat or drink cheaper, impossible not to mention that Movitz has a separate area dedicated to its pub.


Tyska Brinken 34
111 35 STOCKHOLM (Gamla Stan)
Tel: 08 - 20 99 79
Fax: 08 - 10 08 96

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