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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pastificio De Filippis

With this post I would like to start a good habit to suggest you places worthy to visit under a culinary stand point.
A good foodie needs to know where to go, anywhere.
My anywhere is unfortunately limited to Europe, at least so far. It wouldn’t be honest to recommend places friends suggested me while I have not tried on my skin.
I’ve been in Tunisia once so extra European borders, though the resort I visited was in the middle of nowhere and I couldn’ t visit too much.

Today’s location is PASTIFICIO DE FILIPPIS. In a central pedestrian area in Turin, this shop for homemade pasta is now flourished into a cosy place to eat.
The menu is changing every now and then. They serve plin (small tortellini tipical from Piedmont)with melted butter and cheese, risotto c’est a dire rice with fresh artichokes and lil squids both priced 12 € each, flan with bagna cauda and anchovis, tagliatelle with sausage from Bra, selection of cheeses and so on.
Of course their specialty- as the name suggests- it’s the handmade pasta.
Here some pictures of yesterday’s dinner with my best friend Carina. Plin (on the left) and the above mentioned risotto (on the right)

Pastificio De Filippis

Via Giuseppe Luigi Lagrange, 39 10123 Torino
Turin - ITALY
011 542137

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