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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Madrid profundo!

When I first told Sergio, a colleague of mine, about my culinary experience with zapatilla, the comment was "Madrid profundo!" The fact is that it’s not so common for a turist nevertheless a foreign one, to know this sandwich. Calling it these way reduces the power of the imagination of this tasty and mouth-watering bread, warmed on a grill and filled with a kind of smoky ham called lacon and a type of melting cheese from Galitia named tetilla- as it resembles the breast of a woman. Zapatilla literary means small shoe but I assure you that nothing is small in size nor in flavor. The owner of Bar Melo’s, located in Calle Ave María 44, in the neighbourhoood of Lavapies warns every single customer that you have to be hungry enough to have it and, as a menace, finish it. I remember the time I was there with my boyfriend: we considered a better option to share a half zapatilla. First thing I’ll do next time I visit again Madrid (the last time I could only spend an afternoon after my flight back) we’ll be for sure to eat a zapatilla.

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