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Friday, January 27, 2012

La gula del Norte

"Do you want something from Spain?" asked my best friend Carina.
My answer was pretty clear.
Anguriñas:commercially known as "La gula del Norte". A canned good that looks like worms (I know it's not pleasant), whose name in Spanish sounds like little eels but is indeed made by a different mixture of fishes. You could say they're fish pasta, sold natural taste or added in garlic.
Quick to cook when warmed in a pan: a matter of 2-3 minutes time.
I have to admit the dobubtful origin made first me, then my family hesitate a while. It is indeed artificial food, still everyone should try it to see if they agree to say how gula is wonderfully tasty.

· Calories: 156,7 Kcal (654,1 KJ)
· Protein: 10,5 g
· Carbohydrates: 7,3 g
· Fat: 9,5 g

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