La Belle Au Bois Gourmand: Stroopwafels, my love

Monday, January 16, 2012

Stroopwafels, my love

I can predict when my boss has travelled to an back from the US with a connection flight to Amsterdam when he brings back the fantastic Gouda’s Stroopwafels.
Gotta admit it’s the only food with cinnamon I can bare.Even if I lived in the Netherlands I never had the chance to try them in bigger version, sold on the streets.I’ve always bought them in a tin either in Hema, Kruidvat or other drugstores. If I should be even more honest, stroopwafels, these wonderful waffles with caramel syrup were my regret behind my back when I left the Country of the clogs, windmills, canals, lot of rainy days and cheeses.
With my surprise, I found a pack of six stroopwafels sold in Tiger, the Danish silly and cute store that recently opened in Milan and Turin.

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